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Parigi 2014 214Wishing you all a Great New Year, the first post of 2014 is from Les Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris; I spent one week in one of the most awesome city in Europe discovering areas, places and interesting food stops ( i’m planning  to share some of my Paris favorites very soon… ) I wore my new ultra light down jacket from Uniqlo , the warmest and lightest  jacket I’ve ever had and which made me warm the whole week…Parigi 2014 187Parigi 2014 185Parigi 2014 206Parigi 2014 179Parigi 2014 195Parigi 2014 219Parigi 2014 211Parigi 2014 189Parigi 2014 217Parigi 2014 212Parigi 2014 216I was wearing Patrizia Pepe grey coat,Uniqlo ultra light down Jacketh&m leggings,Cos shirt,Nike Air shoes, old wool beanie, vintage Chanel purse,Accessorize pendant.Parigi 2014 203