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Canada 2009 100

This is a Central Canada Photo Diary taken some years ago during my trip. What did I love in this country? It’s a place where you can live a quiet and good Life with roots in European culture ,but at the same time It’s  dynamic and multiethnic as a northern American State can be. Niagara Falls are breathtaking and its sound is very impressive.Canada 2009 131Canada 2009 152Canada 2009 084

Canadian Vineyard such a lovely place where we had lunch and had a taste of the Ice Wine, a delicious dessert wine produced from frozen grapes.Canada 2009 022Canada 2009 102

Toronto from CN TowerCanada 2009 119Canada 2009 210

Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Park, the most relaxing and quietest place I’ve ever been to; If anyone wants to fight stress that’s the right place!Canada 2009 173Canada 2009 221Canada 2009 chicca 105Canada 2009 chicca 129

OttawaCanada 2009 279Canada 2009 258

Montreal , I do like this city, a place with a European atmosphere and where you can hear a woman speaking perfectly english to an other who answers speaking perfectly french.Canada 2009 260Canada 2009 156Canada 2009 360Canada 2009 373

Whale-watching in Tadoussac , Saguenay peninsulaCanada 2009 363Canada 2009 365

The gorgeous Quebec CityCanada 2009 368Canada 2009 370Canada 2009 chicca 235Canada 2009 chicca 249La Citadelle , part of the fortifications of Quebec City and a military installation