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turchia (45)Last year I visited Istanbul, for my first time in Turkey. Honestly I must admit ,I’ve loved Istanbul;It’s a charming city with a double atmosphere ,European and Asian, both parts of the city are likely to appeal to all visitors. Hagia Sofia, The Blue Mosque, The Byzantine Basilica Cistern are absolutely beautiful; The Grand Bazaar, The Spice Market with its strong colors and smell are definitely worth visiting. You can have a trip by boat to explore the Bosporus. The Galata neighborhood is a cosmopolitan area full of  small designer and vintage shops; Beyoglu is full of interesting Restaurants ,Clubs and Bar. Finally but not less important Turkish food is delicious: fresh fish, different “Meze” plates,kebab ,traditional ottoman and turkish cuisine in many budget restaurants, and don’t miss to try a mackerel sandwich while strolling along the Bosporus…!turchia (62)IMG_0431turchia (54)IMG_0290IMG_0367IMG_0333IMG_0313IMG_0339Changa Restaurant                               IMG_0345IMG_0404IMG_0346IMG_0383IMG_0385IMG_0421IMG_0349turchia (116)turchia (153)